My Afternoon In The All White Village In Cadaques Spain

My Afternoon In The All White Village In Cadaques Spain

May 1, 2018 11 By Madyun

As I walked through the narrow streets of the popular white village, home of the artist Salvador Dali. I felt feeling of withdrawal and rebellion. The white buildings. The white people. It kind of irritated me believe it or not. The artist painted beautiful landscapes of his sacred home town but it wasn’t as amazing as his paintings.

“Don’t get me wrong it was incredibly beautiful. Right off of the coast of the Mediterranean sea. Amazing weather and European ground made up of mountain stone. I was quite impressive, but also extremely pretentious.”

To me the symbolism of a all white place. With happy white townsfolk and tourist. Was like something straight out of Jordans Peele’s Get Out to me. Everything thing that once was so beautiful also had strange haunting irony to it as well. I feel like these types of places are way too common. Coming from America white spaces are not hard to find.

“A place where people of color like me disrupt the fluency.”

We arrived in late afternoon around 3:00PM to forceful winds like no other. We found public parking and embarked on the most uncomfortable journey through the town. We started looking for an ATM because I wanted to have tapas and drinks. Instead we began by taking photos of the landscape and exploring the narrow streets where the locals live.

The landscape was very mountain like and I never have the appropriate shoes so… yeah. I was behind my companions most of the trip. The architecture had a specific intimacy that really cant be described. Most of the doors and window seals were painted blue like any classic Spanish Greece village. There were an uncountable amount of plants and nature throughout the village. You could see the sea at every angle. Aesthetically  I was satisfied. Symbolically I was horrified.

“We finally made our way to a bakery after finding an ATM in Center Town. Thierry got his usual pastry of choice pan de chocolate. While our friend Panda got something abstract and different as usual. I of course got the most American thing I could pronounce which was a Coke a Cola.”

The main beach is quite rocky and narrow with many boats anchored in the Bay. Therefore, it is a very good village for walking, taking pictures, enjoy the sunshine, its restaurants, museums… but not for swimming and getting nice tanned color on your skin.

On the way to the Cap de Creus National park, stop and visit (previous booking needed) the Salvador Dali’s House, which is in Port Lligat. This place, north town, is surrounded by a wonderful landscape. The complex consists of a set of fishermen’s huts which were acquired by the painter and his wife Gala. Inside, you’ll find Dali’s workshop, a library, several rooms, a beautiful garden and a swimming pool.

“This is my second time visiting Cadaques next I want to visit the all blue village in Morocco.”